О технопарке

About Technopark

Autonomous institution of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra "High Technology Park" was founded by the Yugra Government executive order of 20 November 2008 № 497-go.


  • Development of innovation technologies and creation of innovation area for development of Yugra. 
  • Assistance to government authorities of Yugra in forming of policy and decision making for innovation economy development of Yugra. 
  • Assistance to small and medium-sized entrepreneurship of Yugra in innovation activity area. 

Technopark accomplishes the following activities to achieve these objectives:

  • Expert evaluation, technical research and experiments, as well as organization and realization of labor, site tests of inovation technique prototypes, innovation technologies and their implementation. 
  • Organization and realization of additional scientific research and experimental development. 
  • Creation of conditions for enterprises cooperation which are involved in innovation activity with the government authorities of Yugra, local municipal authorities, and scientific and educational institutions. 
  • Lend-lease of Technopark's property on the basis of operational management to small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out innovation activity.
  • Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, exhibition fairs, show fairs, presentations, and other information outreach campaigns in innovation activity area,  popularization of innovation activity development, including advertising and publishing activities. 
  • Consulting concerning commercial activity area, law matters, business administration, accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out innovation activity. 
  • Certification of production, services.
  • Patenting of innovation activity results.
  • Prototype Centre services (3D-modeling). 
  • Development of Cluster initiatives.