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Organization and realization of inspection of scientific, scientific technical programs and projects

Service "Organization and realization of inspection of scientific, scientific technical programs and projects" is provided on the request for determination of innovativeness, scientific novelty, technological compound of projects which are planned to realize by inventors and scientific teams addressed to Technopark.

The main criteria for a projects evaluation is correspondence to the requirements, applicable to scientific and innovation projects by the Innovation Development Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 (adopted by the government order of the Russian Federation of 8 December 2011 № 2227-р), the Federal Law № 127-ФЗ of 23 August 1996 «About science and state scientific technical policy», the law of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra of 10 July 2010 № 114-оз «About innovation activity in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra».

Expert Council Statement

Аdministrative Rules

Contact person: Evgeny Kushnikov (3467) 36-18-86

Innovation projects register

This service is directed at the selection of the most economically significant innovation projects for the Russian Federation and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra with the purpose of their separation and promotion for the further development.

Register data is being updated every three months after data providing by the resident companies of Technopark about realization of their innovation projects.

Аdministrative Rules

Contact person: Evgeny Kushnikov (3467) 36-18-86

Organization of certification of products and services of small innovation enterprises

Within this service supply «Organization of certification of products and services of small innovation enterprises» on the request of  small innovation enterprises there were the provided with the following services such as innovation certification consulting, innovation analysis (correspondence to standards), organization of innovation certification.

Аdministrative Rules

Contact person: Aleksey Cherkashin (3467) 36-18-82

Organization of assistance for protection of intellectual property of small innovation enterprises

Within this service realization for small innovation enterprises there are patent consulting, patent search, assistance in preparation of a patent application for patenting of the results of scientific technical and innovation activity. 

Аdministrative Rules

Contact person: Maksim Efanov (3467) 36-18-78

Organization and realization of scientific research directed at realization of innovation projects of small innovation enterprises

This service is directed at assistance to innovation activity subjects (small innovation enterprises) in realization of scientific research, experimental and technological works.

Registration of Research and Advanced Development is in the Centre for IT-Technologies and Executive Authorities System by completing an on-line register form.

Аdministrative Rules

Contact person: Aleksandr Prokopyev (3467) 36-18-78

Organization of seminars, trainings, work experience courses in innovation activity area for small innovation enterprises

Within this service providing carried out by the leading Russian specialists in innovation activity area there are seminars, trainings for small innovation enterprises, natural or juridical persons, directed at increasing of their business competence, innovation activeness, law and information knowledge, professional skills development, needed for innovation projects realization.

Аdminisrative Rules

Contact person: Vladimir Kulebakin (3467) 36-18-76

Prototype Centre services

Workers of Prototype Centre provide with the following services according to the request of small innovation enterprises with use of equipment supplied by the world leading manufacturers:

˗ development of 3D-models of objects;

˗ production of 3D- full-coloured models with use of 3D-printing method;

˗ transfer of construction documentation into 3D-electronic form

˗ volume scanning of objects.

Prototype Centre Statement

Prototype Centre Rules

Contact person: Pavel Yamanov (3467) 36-18-82

Cluster Development Centre Services

In order to assist of decision-making and project coordination which provide with cluster development and cooperation interaction of cluster members among each other.


-         Providing with consulting services for specification of some cluster members

-         Providing with legal consulting services, as well as marketing and advertising

-         Realization of promotional campaigns in mass-media to highlight cluster activities , including cluster development perspectives and cluster brand promotion

-         Realization of marketing research in various markets related to cluster production


Contact person: Artem Stolyarov (3467) 36-18-92

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