Are there any advantages/benefits of being a resident company?


When an innovation company receives a resident company status, the company has access to services of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra".

How long is a resident company status active?


Residence period is not limited.

Is it required to confirm a resident company status over some time?


No, it is not. If a company stops project operations, it could be excluded by the decision of the Expert Committee. 

Is it allowed to apply with several projects?


Yes, it is. It is allowed to prepare one documents set, but you should prepare an application of an evaluation of an innovation project for each project. 

If an application for receiving of a resident company status was rejected, is is allowed to apply for it one more time?


Yes, it is. You should complete your application in accordance with guidelines of the Expert Committee. 

Why can a resident company lose its status?


Breaches of agreement between AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" and a resident company; absence of quarter reporting, no project activitу within a year, resident company's personal initiative.

What reporting must be provided by a resident company?


Quarter reporting is presented in tht application to the Standard Agreement.

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