Приборостроение и транспорт



Hardware-software system “SKILAB” for quality evaluation and ski selection

This high-tech product increases reliability of ski selection in competitive conditions due to the innovative method use – gain-frequency characteristics measuring by interaction of ski with a snow route at a competitive sliding speed, statistical signal analysis of vibration and visualization of gained results, as well as a developed laser scanner for preliminary estimate of ski characteristics in laboratory conditions. 

Production organization of modern automation mechanisms in the territory of Yugra with priority of developments in wireless monitoring and control

The project provides with building of a monitoring system of temperature and level in different volume with high-economic radiomodems (frequency range - 433/868 mHz) 

Development and technology implementation of innovative collapsible portable wheelchair ramp production for disabled people

Mobile collapsible portable wheelchair ramp for disabled people is meant for facilitation the entering museums, theatres, shops, hospitals, residential and municipal buildings, and other socially important objects.


A universal aviatrainer on the basis of 3-level mobility visualization software system is being developed within this project. Researchers received a patent for a useful model №122517 “Dynamic platform” of 27 November 2012.
Advantages and novelty of a proposed product are:
•    Low price
•    Maximum realistic flight imitation
•    Maximum realistic imitation of visual experience during the flight
•    Flexibility of a visualization system and  mobility for many types of flying mechanisms

The product could be interested for pilot training schools, as well as gaming industry.

Development and production of combustible gas sensors

The project aim is the series launch of combustible gas sensor with consecutive serial product improvement. 

Smart energy

Development of technology for the design and construction of high-performance systems for autonomous uninterrupted power supply with the use of modern innovative solutions