Innovative companies-residents of Technopark of Yugra took part in XXI exhibition-forum “Products of Yugra”

Innovative companies-residents of Technopark of Yugra represented their products and developments in the frame of XXI exhibition-forum “Products of Yugra” at 9th -11th of December 2016.

The visitors could taste and buy tea beverage “Ivan-tea”, which is produced by LLC Tea house “Chistota”. For another thing, qualitative composition of their production was mighty enlarged. Honey, jam, juice, balm have produced by LLC Tea house “Chistota”.

The berry juices were in favor, which are produced by LLC “Alex” by method of cavity with the water cleaning by zeolitic setting. During all three days the director of this company were leading degustation of juices and told in detail about special aspects of its production.

LLC “Interlit” presented rank of biotechnological innovative products, which are produced on the base of zeolite-containing  volcanites of Lulinskiy chamber.
The innovative product of LLC “Intechno-Yugra” - “EkzoSupport” for treatment and rehabilitation diseases of supporting-motor apparatus and rank of warm-up suits aroused interest of the exhibitor visitors. LLC “Intechno-Yugra” won the STARTUP TOUR – 2016 in recognition “Bio – and medical technologies” for developing equipment “EkzoSupport”.

The innovative projects rank of companies-residents was presented by developer on the individual stands.

More than 1000 people visited the stand of Technopark and its residents for the time of exhibition work. Some special guests were there: Governor of Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug D.Kobilkin, director of Economic Development Department, Vice-Governor P. Sidorov, Vice-Governor A. Zabozlaev, director of Department of Natural Resources E. Platonov, members of official delegations.