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The results of the activities


150 innovation companies have residence status of High technology park of Yugra.

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The main sectoral priorities are the basic branches of economy of the Autonomous Okrug is oil and gas, energy, construction, as well as high-tech directions-Nano-, bio-and information technologies. Residents divided on branches as follows:

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The main results of the work of the Technopark is a successful innovation companies created jobs in "high tech" sector of the economy of the autonomous region listed taxes, sales of innovative products and services. Residents of Yugra Technopark created more than 750 working places.

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Sales of products for Technopark residents seven years amounted to about 7 billion rubles.

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An important indicator of the activity of any company is its effectiveness, primarily economic. The effectiveness of the Technopark is designed for the following economic indicators which are regulated by the methodology of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation from October 30, 2009 No. 493, methodical recommendations adopted jointly with the Ministry of economy of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the RUSSIAN State Committee on construction, architecture and housing policies of 21.06.1999 N BK 477.

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·         Budget efficiency index (Plv) is a ratio of taxes collected at different levels in terms of investments from the budget (i.e. 1 ruble folded investment in 2015 year received 4 ruble tax varying levels);

·         the index of the (ROl) is the ratio of income to the amount of investment from the budget (i.e. 1 ruble investments in 2015 year received more than 16 rubles of income).